Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Someone took exception to being told to get the hell off my lap while I was counting yos!

I don't mind the lap sitting or lap laying, it's the lap standing that is annoying when I am trying to read e-mail, and reply and knit on Branching Out at the same time.

I can't see the screen, the keyboard, the pattern, or my knitting.

Bad Penny! No, wait, isn't that another Knitty pattern?

Maybe there's something to being an annoying cat after all!

And Cute. Don't forget cute!

As of last night, I had completed 5 diamonds. Tonight, I finished diamond #6 and started the joining.

I don't expect to post more pictures until there's something to show. For the next couple of days this will be "joined another diamond." There are 30 for the short version.

I do want to determine if I have enough yarn to make this tunic length. It's going to be close. . .

Stay tuned.
No one can give the cold shoulder shame-on-you look like a cat can. I hope you're properly cowed.

The diamonds look good! You're not going to join in a frenzy of seaming all at once? Oh, you can't. There's lap standing that must be done.
So. Joined another diamond today?

Just checking.
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