Sunday, January 12, 2014

Another Week Gone By

Starting off this post with photos of two sweaters (very tiny) that were finished at the end of 2013. They are both ready to be packed up and mailed.

Minions! Those cute little guys from theDespicable Me movies, translated into yarn. And Edith (ditto). They are about 6" tall and just perfect for carrying in a pocket for those times when you need something, you know, despicable, done.

And lastly, a Woodland Sprite hat and mitts. The mitts were made by starting with one repeat of the hat pattern, throwing in an eyelet round, and finishing with a basic thumbless mitten.They are for the Purple Warrior Princess.

It has been the week from hell, between work, the weather,  and the dentist, but it's over and the new week promises to be a little calmer. I am hoping for that.

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Nice work! Pattern link for the little bolero?
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