Saturday, January 08, 2011

That Mitered Square Blankie

There was a request for more info, so here it is:

I generally use size 7 needles with worsted weight when I blankie knit.

The squares in the most recent one (eyes left) are based on a 10 edge-stitch module, so, for the small squares, cast on 20, mark the center, and proceed. Bigger squares (the "unbleached muslin" ones) have an edge that is 3 times the small one, so 30 stitches on a side--cast on (or pick up) 60.

You can follow this recipe to make a 4-patch look-alike or to mimic any other quilt pattern (like Lights and Shadows/Around the World) that is based on patched squares. A Google "image" search on quilt patterns (or Around the World quilt pattern) provides lots of inspiration.

You can make the base squares bigger (I don't recommend smaller, even in heavier weight yarn--just too many bulky edges where you join).

I do recommend orienting the squares so that all the diagonals go in the same direction. I like it better that way, but you don't have to do that either.

Knitter's choice!


Thank you, Ann. I save all of your recipes.
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