Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still More Mittnz

Marianne joins the Overachievers-R-Us club with her offering of 18 pairs of Mittnz this year.

I like the blue and gold pair in the front. Can you tell? They are fraternal twins!

I must confess that my own Mittn knitting has taken a back seat to fair entries and princling knitting. Warping the loom for some dishtowels that the Other Half requested didn't help the cause either.

I will personally be filling in the gap with many purchased pairs this year.

It isn't too late to get in on the fun. There are prizes (oh, my) including some hanks of (donated) Socks that Rock.

All you need do is:

1) Knit ten pairs.
2) Take a photo and email it to me (abmcmanusATverizonDOTnet)
3) Mail them the last week of this month to:
Cheyenne River Youth Project
p o box 410
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

Watch for more pictures here.


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