Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Announcing Mittnz 2010

This is way late, but (hopefully) not a dollar short. It's time to be thinkn about knittn Mittnz!

This year's goal is 10 pairs, handmade.

The target organization has not changed. We are doing this for Cheyenne River Reservation and the Youth Project there.

By late September, there's a nip in the air in South Dakota, and by October, it's downright cold!

So. . .

I am issuing a challenge to my readers to knit or crochet 10 pairs of Mittnz. Fiber (in order of preference, based on the warm factor): Wool or other animal fiber (regular or superwash), blends that are mostly wool (like sock yarn, held double or more), blends that are less than 50% wool (WoolEase, Decor, Encor and the like), acrylic.

Mittnz can be any size from tiny baby thumbless ones to great big ones for Big Man hands. Colors should be "appropriate" to the intended victim wearer. That is, don't make the gigantic ones in pink, nor the tiny ones in black.

If you want to make matching hats, go for it (I did). If you want to make wristwarmers or mitts, please include a pair of "magic gloves" with them. These can be purchased as inexpensively as 2 pairs for $1 at dollar stores and Target-type places. They really add to the warm!

When you finish your 10 pairs, snap a picture and send it to abmcmanus AT verizon DOT net. Mail your Mittnz the last week in September. As always, this is a planned blitz! I hope that the staff at the Youth Center looks forward to this early autumn storm of warm hand covers.

The mailing address is
Cheyenne River Youth Project
P.O. Box 410
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

Let's see if we can send 2010 Mittnz collectively (that's 1005 Pairz)

If there's room in your package, little treats are always welcome.


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