Saturday, December 19, 2009

Little Things Mean a Lot!

Just some odd ball useage to report.
Catnip mice made from scraps (not odd balls, true scraps) of worsted weight wool yarn.

These are a mix of Lopi and some recycled tweedy stuff.

Recipe: (as I remember) cast on 18 stitches on needles that are way too small for the yarn used. You want these TIGHT! Join and knit in the round for about 18 rounds. Decrease 3 stitches every other round or so until 3 stitches remain. Draw up weave in "nose" ends.

Stuff with the yarn ends you snipped off and good quality catnip. Sew "butt" closed.

Thread 3 12" or so strands of yarn through the butt. With 3 6" bits hanging on each side, and using 2 strands together, braid the "tail." Finish tail with an overhand knot. Trim.

Find a cat.

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