Saturday, October 10, 2009

Important Announcement

Heet the Feet has been put on Temporary Hold

while I complete a special request.

Older Son asked for "something warm" to fit the small daughter (about 1) of one of his colleagues.

And here it is, nearly finished. Just needs the second sleeve finished (should/could happen today), ends woven in, and 6 pretty buttons.

Elizabeth informs me that the pattern is still available for free at Knitting Pure and Simple.

Sadly, the yarn isn't. It's Plymouth Outback Wool. Random hanks might be still "out there," and I have 2 left in this colorway and 1/2 of another in brighter shades. Nice stuff.

We have company this weekend. We're having fun!

And Connie sent me these that I'll be forwarding to Cheyenne River next week when I send my monthly box. Aren't they cute? The little ones are LB Al-Pa-Ka. Probably the last of its kind anywhere in the known universe!

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The visitor looks adorable! I hope you are having a wonderful time entertaining him.
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