Monday, October 05, 2009

Did Someone Say Prizes?

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Mittnz Challenge. You knit, sewed, crocheted or bought an incredible 644 pairs of Mittnz.

How is that compared to prior years? Well, to be honest, the total is low. (And though it bugs the sh*t out off me to hear other people say it) In this economy, that's phenomenal!

This is most of the prizes for this year's Mittnz Challenge. I will admit that one was "missing on picture day" and I am tearing the house apart looking for it!

Somewhere in this room is a set of KnitPicks double points. I thought I put them in the box with all of the other prizes as they arrived, but damned if they can be found!

I have conducted the official random draw of all nine-pair participants, and am pleased to announce that the following ::drumroll, please:: kniiters/sewers/crocheters should be expecting an email from me requesting a mailing address.

Nancy G, Bev H, Cherri, Ann H, LizzyK8, Carol K, Julie, Jennifer, and Mary's sister.

Don't throw away those ticket stubs yet! I will still be awarding the needles as soon as i find them.

You would be amazed at how clean and neat parts of this room are. You would be equally amazed at the mess everywhere else, I'm sure!

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how weird a coincidence --- if the Nancy G that won is who I think she is, my sister and I both won

think I'll start knitting for next year now to be sure we get closer to our 1000 pair goal!
Cue the Twilight Zone music, Bev; I do believe I am the Nancy G of whom Ann speaks! And I'll be starting on my 2010 Mittnz this week, as well.
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