Friday, September 04, 2009

Progress Of Sorts

If it weren't for the frogging, I'd be done!

Or pretty darned close!

I discovered a quite serious error in the cabling on the second half of pair #8 (okay, 6 and 7 aren't finished, who's keeping score?), so I dropped back the stitches (16 across X 5 down) and reworked, only to discover that it didn't (work, that is) and so I ripped back to the cuff (and the thumb was already finished ::le sigh::).

That sort of knocked the wind right on out of my sails.

So, here's my count of nine:

2 pairs entered in the fair
+ 3 pairs finished and on the desk
+ 1 pair 1/2 finished except for the thumb and the second one cast on (the blue ragg)
+ the cuff of the first half of the next pair (the lilac)
+ 1/2 of a pair finished except seaming and 1/2 finished just past the thumb (blue)
6+ pairs??

Of course, only 5 people will actually have warm hands, so I'd better get cracking.

Tomorrow is the fair. I promise photos and commentary on the exhibits and the food.


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