Thursday, September 03, 2009

Nine More Pairz

Abby sent this picture. Three pairs each of three different sizes. I think they are just grand!

She says that they were knitted with Encore (wool/ack blend) so they should be warm for the kids and easy-care for the moms.

I have finished 5 pairs myself, and most of another 1/2 pair (thumb is missing) and cast on another pair. I'll get there, I am just taking my time. . .

How are you coming with yours? I'd love to see a picture and will even post it here.

Hint, hint.


So about the thumbs, I am a slow knitter and would like to find a faster way to make mittens. Does anyone know of a basic pattern (in-the-round) that lets you knit the thumb while you're knitting the rest of the mitten? My brain can't seem to come up with a way. And I dislike seaming more than I dislike picking up stitches for thumbs so... Berta
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