Monday, September 21, 2009

Mittnz Link

Jenn sent me a link to her Mountain of Mittnz. Follow the link, but come on back. She sure stepped up to the plate!

So, Day 6. I am still exhausted. Even though I slept an extra hour last night.

Tomorrow, I get to speak with the radiologist (It's scheduled. I can talk to her any old time I want to, but on Tuesday, she wants to talk to me.)

So, I have the cream and I'm taking warm (not hot) showers, and doing all the things I'm supposed to (and avoiding the things I'm not supposed to do). And eating well, and getting a little (very little) exercise.

And I'm tired. Very tired.

I came home early today to meet the plumber (don't ask).

I actually did quite a bit of work at home (read about 50 of the 60+ resumes we have for one position, participated in a 75 minute long conference call). You know, relaxing afternoon at home.

And tomorrow promises to be just as thrilling.

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That total is up to 14.5 pair now, with the other mitt on needles, hopefully to be completed during tonight's prime time premieres. This pair is pink, in honor of everything else you're going through these days.
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