Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lotsa Mittnz

Kelly made my day! She sent me this photo of her lovely Mittnz and promised to try to make more before she has to mail them.

Thank you,Kelly.

And now, if you will permit me a little whine. . .

Eight treatments finished and 25 left to go. I have this deep ache. It hurts inside. And going without my regular deodorant is making me cranky.

Just saying.

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I'm sorry it's got to be rough for a while, and I'm sending lots of love your way to help you get through it; hope it helps.
Keeping you in my thoughts as you deal with the cancer monster. I know how rough it is, you can do it!! Sending a cyber hug.

Kathy the frugal one.
I also got occasional pains and twinges. Hang in there! And just let me say, I know what you mean about the deodorant thing. When I was going, it was in the 80s.
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