Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lotsa Mittnz

Lizzie posted this picture to her blog (and gave me permission to post it here) of the Mittnz she's sending to Cheyenne River Reservation later this month.

I'm especially fond of the pink ones with the cables and the yellow ones with the pattern.

Good showing, Lizzie! (We've been racing and she won!)

These Mittnz are Beth's.

Good going on the guy Mittnz, Beth.

I know that I prefer to work with the bright colors that little kids like, but guys get cold hands, too.

Beth's an overachiever, and a lot of the male folks at the rez are going to be very happy!

Gail, who is my imaginary friend, joined forces with other imaginary friends to craft Mittnz to warm my heart.

She's mailing these to the reservation at the end of the month.

Warm, colorful. What more could anybody want?

The last two pairs are from another imaginary friend.

Jenny lives in the UK, but she's sharing her talents and her wooly stuffs to make me feel good and warm some cold hands.

These two pairs are already on their way, because, face it, they have a long way to travel.

They'll be in South Dakota right about the same time as the ones we're mailing from points all over the USA.

Do you need the address? Don't mail just yet. Wait until the last week of the month, then mail to:

Cheyenne River Youth Project (or just CRYP)
P. O. Box 410 (if you're using USPS) or
8200 E. Lincoln Street (if you're shipping another way)
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

Coming this weekend: Imaginary friends sent other stuff! How to get started Knittn Mittnz.
Other good stuff, including (maybe) a picture of my 9 pairs.


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