Friday, September 25, 2009

Imaginary Friends Come Through

My Imaginary Friends, Gail, Jaya, Joy, Mel, Stephanie, Ann, and Kerry, all knowing about this annual Mittnz challenge, got together and knit up a bunch of get-well goodies, because they knew that warm hands on the Reservation would also mean a warm heart in my irradiated chest. They sent me Mittnz.

A couple of other IFs are sending their Mittnz direct (hi, Jenny). And I know as sure as I am breathing that I have forgotten someone! And so, I will apologize in advance for the unintended slight.

There is such an interesting assortment there. All are wool for extra warmth.

These goodies were in with the Mittnz.

There were cards and notes and postage, too.

I have some wonderful Imaginary Friends these days, not like that nasty old Sidney that haunted my childhood. Bad, bad Sidney, always doing evil stuff that I got blamed for!


And Week 2 is finished and done. Only 4.5 to go. Yep. Today was Day 10. Monday is Day 11. Tuesday is Day 12 and so on. (Not that I'm counting or anything.)

Today, I noticed some redness to go along with the internal (infernal) pulling sensation. It was coming. I knew it. And now it's here.

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Hi Ann,

Well, I am home again, left for Hip Revision surgery on August 31, got out of Rehab yesterday. Now the real work begins, try to be normal again,and just maybe - painfree. If there is such a thing. I am learning to walk on a walker at the present time, the crutches and cane are waiting their turn.
I did not have a computer with me and you can imagine how I was longing to read about knitting. Wanting to be part of it so much.

I opened your Blog as the first to read and to find out how you are getting along,I am sorry that you are in pain and so much discomfort during your treatment.
I hope that your family is a great comfort to you . I think of you every day and send you good Karma.
I met many people at the Rehab, but one lady in particular I will always remember, she called me Sunshine, because I tried not to let my pain come through when she visited with me, knowing full well,that she had more problems than I have.

Let your upbeat Spirit win, Ann, so that you will get through this difficult time in one piece, I am a rooting for you for sure. Love, Rita
Hang in there! You will not only survive, but triumph over this.
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