Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So, you think I'm warped?

You'd have been half right the other day!

Inspired by Mariella, I sorted all my acrylic oddballs (and some full skeins) into Blue and Not-Blue and finally started warping my Flip.

I planned to make something as drop dead smart as the one on the link above.

So far, well, let's just say that Nonni is putting me to shame.

Here's how I accomplished the measuring and warping (direct method).

I got as far away as possible (obout 10') and used the warping peg.

Crafting is an adventure and a half at Casa Sheepie!

I will keep you posted on the progress here. Turns out that Nonni knows what she's doing and Sheepie, not so much. She used the 8-dent heddle. I have only a 10. So I tried to order.


(But I ordered some great coned stuff. . .) I will muddle on.

I finished up this little sweater (Rambling Rows Jacket--Cottage Creations) for a soon-to-be baby (due before the month is over).

The yarn is the same as my Sorta Laprobe that has always been a baby blanket.

Now, to choose the buttons.

The Other Half thinks that the sailboats are the ones. I like the fish.

Admittedly, the Not Fish will be easier to button on a squirmy baby.

Probably the boats. The sweater has the look of ocean waves.

And Day Three was exactly the way it's supposed to be. I left work, was there at the appointed time, was back at work in 45 minutes! Yes!

And I think I'll be asking for The Cream tomorrow.

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You rock! (Sorry, second childhood kicking in.) I only had to manage 6 chemo sessions. I am so impressed I am trying for 33 pairs of mittens but as a slow knitter... Weaving question: Any recommendations for yarn for a first attempt? Weight, wool or ack? I mentioned an interest and the champion shopper found a loom (Erika?) for me. Berta in Texas
The sailboat has the added advantage of being gold, which will show up when tired mother is looking for the blasted button in a hurry.
Oh what a beautiful little Rambling Rows Jacket - I keep forgetting to buy that pattern!

Can't wait to see your shawl progress. The warping looks great! Toss in a bunch of yarn and Viola! One gets a masterpiece.
I am sure the Elders will love the outcome.
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