Friday, August 21, 2009

Six Days and Counting

The Lap robe, Knitted is finished, complete with i-cord edging and all ends woven in..

We all know that this is really a baby blanket, don't we.

Can we keep it Our Little Secret?

I plan to make a little sweater as a Go With (perhaps the Rambling Rows Jacket since it's garter stitch--though mitered) in the same yarn (Patons Decor Rich Blues).

There's not much more I can say about this blankie. It's done. It's been Companion Car Knitting for longer than I care to think about. Miles and miles of mind-sucking garter stitch.

So what do I do for an encore?

Yep, another mind-sucking garter stitch (though mitered) blankie in pink. At least the miters are a little bit interesting!

There will be photos when there's more to show on that score.

Honestly, I don't like the way this pooled At All. I was okay with that big blop of dark when I thought that there might be another somewhere to balance it off.

No balancing blop appeared, though. ::le sigh::

I guess we can call it interesting and let it go at that. It will be a good Throw It On the Floor for Naps blankie.

Everybody needs one of those!

By my reckoning, I have 6 days (including today) and 4 entries (only 1 started) to finish. I am off Monday and Tuesday (though I have a class Tuesday morning that I cannot skip except for my own personal death). This is a very truncated Take a Week Off Before the Fair To Finish entries week.

I am going to attempt to get stuff blocked this weekend. (I left it to the end because there will be wrinkles and fold marks from storing the stuff otherwise.) Then, I'll get it all tagged and ready.

Is there a pool going yet?

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So, what are the four entries left to finish, woman?

I think the blankie turned out just fine ... plenty of "interest"
for the eye to travel to.
Was that blob from a different skein than you had been using? I've had that happen when I've used variegated yarn. About the only way to avoid it that I know of is to alternate from two skeins.
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