Friday, November 28, 2008

How Did We Survive?

First of all, he's not so tiny.

Second, he has a bad cold complete with stuffy head and cough, poor baby.

I selflessly ::snicker:: volunteered for overnight duty while the Older Kid and the Daughter In Law are visiting.

Wednesday night, he slept (sort of) downstairs with them and with me creeping around in the dark to collect him when the wails were devolving into hysterics that could be heard two blocks away. ("What magic did you do that calmed him down, Mom?") Just so you know, they aren't heartless, just learning, that sometimes waiting him out isn't ever going to happen.

Last night, the Pack and Play and its occupant moved upstairs to my office (right next to where the Other Half and I sleep). Even though he fought sleep for hours (three episodes of The Unit season 3, in case anyone's keeping score) and he was up 3 times before dawn (wet, hungry, stinky and hungry, in that order), it sure beat trying to climb stairs with a howling mass of baby goodness in the dark.

He's sleeping again, and I am debating closing the blinds in here and catching a leetle nap myself. Or a shower.


This little guy is gonna spoil his gran'ma, I can tell! LOL! Hey, Ann--I no longer have an email address for you! Can you zip a note to me with your new one?? Thanks! Wayne
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