Thursday, August 27, 2009

Right Down To the Wire

I can drop my entries off as early as 8 AM.

I am done. Finished. Fertig. This is as good as it gets.

Everything is pressed, washed, blocked, and ready to go.

And here's the finishing touch. The final piece. The last one in.

Mr. or Mrs. Santa, Other.

He's soft and squishy and I really, really like him. Pattern is very loosely based on one in Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Toys. Yarn is a mixture of cotton and cotton blends. There's Lion Brand Cotton Ease (the red), Some lovely mercerized cotton that I think is Tahki Cotton Classic (the blue and pinks) and more of the Patons Chunky Cotton (the white).

The looped fringe is the technique I "learned" for this one. Fact is, I couldn't do it followin Greenhowe's directions, but found something similar in another book.

That's it for this year's fair entries. I'll post results in about 10 days.

Barbara C sent me this photo of her completed Mittnz.

Love the colors!

Love that there will be warm hands.

Now that fair knitting is behind me, I should get moving on my remaining 6 ::eepp:: pairs! Yes, I really have finished only 3 pairs. So far.

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Wow, Ann. What a run! You deserve a cold drink and a lie-down. At the rate you're producing, those other pair of mittens will be done in no time. Great job!
Good luck at the fair!
Mr. Santa is very cute! Good luck at the Fair. You've definitely earned a rest!
Great Santa Ann, I want to take him/her with me to the hospital Monday morning to hold on to when I am scared to face the knife one more time. I had hip replacement surgery after a car accident 15 years ago, and now part of the prostesis is worn out, so it needs replacing, it's called hip revision.In the last year and a half, I have had 2 carpel tunnel surgeries and complete shoulder
replacemtn surgery,also from the accident. a last resort to get rid of the constant pain, and it worked
I hope that this will be it now. Please wish me luck on Monday, thanks, Love, Rita

P.S. the day after my surgery, my husband is leaving for Spain on vacation that we both were suppose to be on. He could not get his money back if he cancelled his ticket, and its 3 weeks all inclusive, he saved a long time for it. Mine was refundable for medical reasons. I told him to go.
My daughter and sons will help me out at home.
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