Friday, August 28, 2009

More Mittnz

Cherri sent me this photo of her ten pairs of Mittnz for this year's challenge. I love solid color Mittnz. (Truth is, I love all Mittnz, solid, striped, patterned.)

Nice assortment of colors. Some are girl-y, some guy-y. Some could swing either way.

See the pink one in the upper left? A group of my friends have decided that in honor of that thing I'm going through they are knitting Mittnz in pink. I am, indeed, honored.

So honored, in fact, that I am also knitting a pink pair myself.

the yarn is left over from the Pink Baby Blankie Fair Entry (I have lots, expect it to appear and reappear frequently), the pattern is Ann Budd's from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. I'm making the second size and following the pattern religiously blindly.

Also shown: In two shades of blue, a pair from the mitten-shaped Knit Mittens! by Robin Hansen. They're garter stitch (very warm) and Brown Sheep superwash (ditto). The green striped pair are also Brown Sheep, but not superwash, in a very forgetable pattern (I forgot), because I hate, hate, hate seaming fiddly stuff.

The pink ones will be pair #5 for me. The blue ones took just two evenings, so I am pretty sure I will make my 9 pair goal by the end of September mailing.

Are you knittn a Mittn? Leave me a comment or send me an e with a photo (abmcmanusATverizonDOTnet). I'll post your picture here.

We'd all love to see what you are doing!


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