Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who's This Posting Mid-Week?

When there are things worth posting about, I can get motvated to post in the middle of the week!

Another fair entry finished. This one is Tote Bags-other (as in "not canvas").

Particulars: Pattern from the Vogue KOTG series, Bags which has several interesting patterns, some of them quite strange (the cover bag, for instance) but others, usable and easily put together, like this one.

I chose to color block (rather than use the muted shades of the model) with Bernat Chunky Cotton (because I didn't have enough of any of the bright colors to make it all one shade). The model calls for double strands of linen.

I kind of like it.

It's smaller than the model, though the size is useful. The straps are long enough for it to be a shoulder bag.

It's a practical bag. The solid bottom and the drawstring will keep things from dropping out (I hope).

All in all a statisfying project.

I might even keep it for myself!

Jean sent a photo of her second batch of Mittnz. Aren't the white ones with the green trim handsome?

This year's Mittnz project seems to be off to a very slow start. I hope that's just beecause all of you are quietly knitting away and not saying anything. You want to surprise me. That's it, isn't it?

I will gladly accept photos of Mittnz at any time. Email them to me: abmcmanus*AT*verizon*DOT*net (make the obvious changes) and I'll share them here to inspire everyone else.

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I love the way just one stripe can jazz up an otherwise plain mitten. I'm quite sure I won't make it to 9 pairs (doing too many things for too many organizations!) but I think I can promise at least 2 (pairs).
Love your bag! Oh, just keep it! Spoil yourself!
Yes, just quietly knitting! I am almost done with #6.
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