Saturday, July 18, 2009

More To Come

Modern parents! Who knew? Younger Son's friends are expecting their first (how exciting for them) and knowing them (not very well at all, it seems), I assumed Pastel. Indeed, Pastel Blue (it's a boy) and created a gift that I thought would be appropriate, though not especially traditional in color.

Then I checked their registry and discovered ::eep:: that the sheets they selected are brown (how practical--I'm kidding, of course).

Well, that threw me for a serious loop until I checked a little further and saw red sheets and plaid ones, and a little "decor set" in navy, brown and red. Very Little Boy (not baby) and I applauded them and quickly cast on Something Entirely Different. Basic Log Cabin-type baby blanket. I don't think I need to write out the recipe--everyone seems to have their own version and we all a lot of us seem to be doing it this summer.

My own version is regimented. Thirty-stitch square in the center, 40 row (20 ridge) band on each side until I reach about 36", then I-cord to finish it. I may loop the i-cord (for something a little different) or not (since it's for a baby).

But since the fair judges are unlikely to accept (or even understand) Modern Parents, I will enter it as Lap Robe, knitted. But we all know that it's an Infant Carriage Robe-Crib Cover, right? Right!

The current pile of WIPs:

Adult Socks-slippers, Yarn For Socks, two shades of gray, first sock barely started. ::eep::

Tote Bag, other, in chunky-weight cotton, nearly finished (straps to be sewn in place, drawstring to be made and inserted) .

Infant Carriage Robe-Crib Cover Lap Robe, Patons Decor Rich Blues, about 1/4 completed.

That should keep me busy through what's left of the weekend!

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I've decided they really need to get judges who are in tune with modern parents at these events.

Hope all is well ...
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