Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cranking Them Out

There are times when having a bunch of baskets full of partially completed WIPs is not necessarily a Bad Thing. Times like this.

Witness, two completed entries in less than a day!

Okay, the knitting on the big dark pair took place in a matter of hours. Start to finish, mere hours. Making both at the same time may mean tangles of yarn, but it also means that both are exactly the same size, and there's no Second Mitten Syndrome to overcome.

Pattern is here . Yarn is Lion Brand Landscapes (50/50, wool/acrylic) color Deep Sea. Needles, size 10.5. I got the yarn at Ollie's a few months ago from a close out "bin" (cardboard box--Ollie's doesn't waste money on store fixtures) .

The other pair? They've been languishing for a couple of months. The main yarn was an oddball a wool-sensitive friend sent to me earlier this year. The red was a leftover from my stash. Start to finish? Months! All that was needed tonight when I sat down tonight was a couple of seams and some woven-in ends.

Both pairs will be part of my 9 pair commitment to the 2009 Mittnz Challenge.

Next up? This.

Odds and ends of Tahki Cotton Classic in bright crayon colors. I should be able to knock this one out tomorrow without breaking a sweat.

Cocky? Why yes! After all, I made two pairs of Mittnz in less than a day.


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The cotton doesn't look like it's going to be mittens, however, so we'll see how long it takes you.

Now, if you could just motivate ME to learn mittens!
Oh,, Ah, are you the one who said dpns were just fine?
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