Monday, May 04, 2009

What A Difference a Day Makes

Remember that little cuff from the Saturday?

Well, I put my mind to it and my shoulder to the wheel and my nose to the grindstone, crossing fingers, toes, and eyes--brother! it's hard to knit like that!--and accomplished Mittnz!

yay, me! Seam sewing will be done at a later moment.

Of course, I had to mess with the pattern, saving the thumb (as I usually do) for last--that doesn't work well when Mittnz are knit flat.

Just sayin' . . .

Then, I cast on another in the next size up.

I knit this bit during my 17 minute walk in the 'hood.

Yes, I have kept it up for a week with only one break in the action (that was mitigated by some fancy steppin').

This old broad plans to be a healthy (er) 60-year old this summer.

Mittn plan --dull gray will be broken up with some striping. Or a pattern of some sort.


In order that this entry does not continue to be commentless ... is there a particular reason you have chosen 17 minutes as your walking time (even though you sometimes build up to 18 minutes)?

Couch potato minds are curious.

Happy knitting,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
(replace the caps with symbols and lose the spaces)
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