Monday, May 11, 2009

Note to Self

Amount of time it takes to knit 2 Mittn thumbs: 25 minutes, start to finish

We drove to the garden center yesterday and bailed out when we saw the line to get Into The Parking Lot. There is nothing I need that badly!

Got the Flip half-warped and realized that there is Not Enough Yarn to do what I wanted (4 placemats), so reluctantly unwarped.

And I didn't garden either.

But I did fill and hang the hummingbird feeder and we were treated to the antics of a pair of the little charmers.

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So... One pair of thumbz knitted and timed. One sensible decision regarding spending versus waiting in line. One observation of needed quantities of warpage, and the debris cleared away. And on top of it all, birds were fed. I'd say that's a full day.
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