Saturday, May 02, 2009

Are You Up For the Challenge?

Mittnz 2009 is underway.

If you are "in," and pacing yourself to finish 9 pairs before the September mailing (last week of, but still) you should have completed at least one Mittn and have a second cast on.

Clearly, some of us ::coff:: are not up to speed yet.
I'm using the Family Mittens pattern from a Really Big Leisure Arts book that I got at Ollie's a while back. It's called Now You're Knitting super how-to handbook and design treasury.Price sticker says I paid $8.99.

What it really is, is a compilation of over a hundred Leisure Arts booklets, some great, some so-so, and some downright fuggitaboudit. A obsessed motivated reader could search the archives for some interior shots. I am not that motivated this morning.

What you see here is the cuff of the first 2009 Mittn I have cast on. The ribbing was brought to you by my morning walk. Walking is more fun with something to occupy. I think I might get something musical rather than something knitterly for tomorrow. I'm missing the scenery.

And speaking of knitterly, I set the baby blankie aside this week and concentrated on the throw that I am composing for my living room.

I was rewarded for my efforts by the approximately 30" square you see to the left. I've broken into the third 100-gram ball of Decor, and since I have 17 more on the closet shelf (Don't look at the shelf! There's a lot of other yarn in there, too.) I don't think I will run out.

I want to get to 60" square (maximum size allowed for this fair category is 60"X 72") including a knit-on lacy border. I suspect that I will be making sweaters and mittnz and hats and all sorts of things with the leftovers! (Maybe I got a little carried away with my order. ya think?)

Next week, it's back to the baby blankie.

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