Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ugly Baby Models Again

The Portuguese Baby Sweater made its first appearance here last month. You're going to need to search for the link--try Google or Ravelry for assistance. It should show up on one or the other or both. It's been quite popular.

The "matching" booties were shown here. Pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman from The Opinionated Knitter, edited by Meg Swansen.

And now, it's a set! The addition of an earlflap hat from the Patons Astra Cutie Patootie booklet finished it off!

Of course, I wound up adding a yellow i-cord contrast to all 3 pieces. I think that makes it "pop."

This particular flavor of Elann's Sock It To Me! yarn is no longer available. In fact, it seems that (wisely) Elann has dropped the entire "Colori" part of that line.

While the bright colors (red, orange, yellow, shades of blues and greens) "rainbowed" up nicely, the addition of an unfortunate splot of gray dulled it right on down.

I am glad to be all-but-finished with this yarn. I loved knitting it, but the hue left a lot to be desired.

Ugly Baby doesn't seem to mind.

This set will be entered in the Great Allentown Fair in August.

Infant 3-piece-sweater, cap, bootie.

Now on to the other things that need work.

And most of my baby stuff will be gifted or donated to babies as-yet-not-born. In other words: Hypothetical Future Humans.

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You were quite correct - the yellow i-cord really does set things off. I must learn not to doubt bloggers' words.

Look how the pooled colours in the cap are symmetrical in the picture - at the top moreso than at the bottom. And at the bottom front of the sweater, the yellow i-cord is continued (right to left) with the pooled yellow colour.
Great design features on your part!

Good luck - or break a leg - at the Fair in August.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
(change caps to symbols without the spaces)
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