Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bet Ya Can't Make Just One!

These little booties are like potato chips--or peanuts. One is not enough.

Leftover sock yarns, sans labels. Pattern from The Opinionated Knitter.

And my most recent weave is cut from the loom, tied, and waiting for "wet finishing" (the weave equivalent of blocking).

I am documenting my selvedges here, because I hope expect that they will improve over time.

These are more than a little wonky.

The warp on this one is Patons Kroy sock yarn in a brick red. I used a full skein (262 yards) and had considerable expected and necessary waste.

The weft is a little more than 2 balls (about 300 yards total) of Jaeger Roma (from Smiley's--don't bother, it's all gone) which is a blend of Viscose, nylon, and angora. It's soft and sproingy on the ball, kind of slippery on the shuttle.

I wove a pattern into each end (about 5" in) so that when I discovered that my finished scarf was longer than anticipated, there was no going back and shortening. The intended victim recipient will need to wrap it around the neck or wear it looped. Or risk becoming the next Isadora Duncan.

The pattern was made with a pick-up stick.

This photo is close to the actual color. Finished scarf is about 7' long including fringe.

I will be rewarping to start another, using different yarn and a slightly different technique.

I think I am ready to acquire more tools. I am looking at a second heddle and possibly a thin boat shuttle.

Stay tuned.

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