Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Threads For an Old Friend

My intention was to make a sweater for Daniel Brown Bear from the stripey yarn that I used for the Tiny Prince's last sweater. It became painfully clear about halfway through the yoke that there Wasn't Enough Yarn. So I sighed deeply, frogged it, and started over with the Alphabet Sweater leftovers.

It's an okay sweater, but I might still duplicate stitch a big D (for Daniel) on the belly.

I've been cleaning like a madwoman(at least the worst spots) because the Tiny Prince is coming for the weeknd (okay, he's bringing his parents).

I can hardly wait!

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I love the idea of a big "D" on the tummy of that sweater, and hope you enjoy the prince.
love the little sweater for Daniel. A"D"would be great.
The book arrived today.As I told Monica, perhaps it will keep me from overloading my Ravelry queue until I can knit again.
Too cute!
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