Friday, December 26, 2008

Where's Your Bone, Girl?

Christmas 2008 at Casa Sheepie.

No little kids to torment Princess Sparky, but instead, Belle of the Ball came to visit, sans her companion animals: Beetle, the Badly Behaved, Katie, the Current Foster Dog, and Raven, the Magnificent. They stayed at the Younger Kid's Home for Wayward Animals, because, frankly Casa Sheepie is not prepared for that sort of adventure mayhem!

I tried mightily to get a good picture of Belle.

I swear that she was nicely framed before I snapped each of these.

That Goggie moves fast!

Belle (and the other animals) all got new chew toys for Christmas.

Since she was here, Belle got first pick and selected a manufactured "marrow bone" (the kind with the smelly faux beefy crap in the center). She nibbled a bit then "buried" it in the living room chair.

Since we really didn't want to find it there later, I fished it out and gave it back to her.

First, she ran downstairs. Then she ran back to the bedrooms. The next time we saw her, there was No Bone in her mouth.

That was when the search commenced. Hey, Girl, where's your bone? Which, of course, caused her to jump onto the chair and to look for the missing treat.

Who knew that dogs could suffer short term memory loss?

After a long look under all the toss pillows, all the throws, under the skirts of every piece of furniture, under all of the furniture for lord's sake, under all of the piled up blankets, there was still no bone.

That was when she jumped on the bed (!) to communicate with Princess Sparky (who was having none of this "talking" with dogs crap and immediately disappeared under the bed) about the missing bone.

The dog can jump that high! (Our bed is very high.)

Bone! Behind the Other Half's pillow! Wouldn't that have been fun to find at 3 in the morning!?

Finally, she settled down and we got a couple of good photos.

Christmas at Casa Sheepie.

Over for another year.

That's the bone in my hand. It went home with her.

(Did I mention that she tried to bury it in the litter pan?)

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