Sunday, October 26, 2008

You Asked For It!

Because Sheila wanted to know the extent of the Stash Enhancement eXperience that I confessed in yesterday's post, I present a sampling.

So, a sampling is in the photo, but the spread sheet does not lie (and I have been knitting from these acquisitions, too!)

Here's what's new: Sort of from the left, Cherry Tree Hill Possum Lace (2), Summer Sock (3) and Orenberg Lace (just 1), Encore DK (4 each of 3 colors), and worsted (5 or so of a couple colors), Red Heart Baby Soft (3--almost a pound, they are big skeins), a bunch of Di-ve Zenith (12 balls total), Adriafil Knitcol )4 of those), and Fibranatura Baby Merino (the stuff the Growly sweater was knit from) in an array of baby shades (9 balls), some Dale Free Style (6) and Baby Ull (18), LB Magic Stripes (4 of those, planned for a sweater--Johnny at the Berroco site), Nashua Wooly Stripes (5), Rowan Magpie (10 in a very dark, dark navy--Janice gets these if I die before I can knit them up), the Puno and Ultra Alpaca for the current sweaters, and the Full Bag Lots: Elann Superwash Bamboo (seconds) in Eggplant and Cedar, and Ironstone Herb Garden (2 bags each).

Seeing the current state of the economy, I am really glad that I stocked up when I did! Otherwise, the next 5 to 10 years would be bleak indeed, knit-wise!

I am thinking that I might get rid of or use up the Online Linie Summertime. Picture of it knit up here. I have a full bag of grenadine (orangey-red) nearly full bag of marine (navy blue) and several balls of yellow.

I'll entertain suggestions in the comments.

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HI Ann
We are all glad we have a stash LOL although it can overtake ones house. Thank you for the addition to my stash you sent me and the beautiful book on Easy BAby Knits. You are awesome Thank you so much. I will knit up that gorgeous Rowan cotton glace (my first Rowan yarn ever) and where I work (Boys and Girls Club of the Okanagan), a couple of us staff are making hats to sell to fund raise for more knitting equipment(yarn and needles) to teach the youth yarn crafts. Thank you again
Well, thanks so much for the sampling. You have been busy, no? I hear ya about being glad for the stash. That's where I am living right now, too. It's not a bad place to be. I really did buy most of my stash because I loved/liked/wanted the yarn, not just "because". It feels good to be motivated, out of necessity, to use it.
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