Saturday, October 04, 2008

What I Stepped in

Have I ever mentioned that we have been owned by cats forever? And that we are currently owned by one very pushy feline?

I thought that I might have written something about that here at some point. It's quite true, you know.

I probably have not mentioned that I usually (except when it is very, very cold, or I haven't washed the kitchen floor in a while, like now, OH!) tend to pad around the house in my bare feet.

This morning was no exception as I slid out of bed before dawn cracked (even on the weekend--something about circadian rhythm and just not being able to "sleep in" any more). But anyway. . .

I did my businesss performed my toilette (euphemism for "peed, brushed, took daily meds") this morning and (still) barefoot, trotted to the "studio" to sit and check the mail of e, and to knit a bit before the day gets underway when I stepped into something damp and squishy.

Not being inclined to get too freaked over things like this (see mention of old, grumpy, cat at the top of this page), I decided to wait until the sun was up before investigating and cleaning (we'll chalk that up to consideration for the dead to the world lump still sleeping Other Half, though the reality is, I just couldn't face what I might have to touch with my hands).

Imagine my surprise when I turned on the studio light to discover that the current (pinky toned) blankie had fallen from its perch and some (not many) of the live stitches were frogged (and not by me).

I followed the trail of the yarn that was (fortunately) still attached to discover:

Former center-pull ball, now damp, tangled mass of yarn.

What a relief to realize that I don't have to clean the bedroom carpet!

And I planned to wash the blankie before giving it away anyway.

(Note: Sparky the Bob-Tailed Wonder Cat does not usually steal yarn. This stuff has been the exception that proves the rule.)

Prizes!!! Did somebody say prizes? I will be photographing the Mittnz prizes (after the Penn State game) and pulling names for 8 fabulous fiber gifts. If you haven't yet reported your Mittnz shipment this is your absolute last chance to get in on the prizes. Midnight EST Saturday, October 4!

Email me: abmcmanus ::at:: verizon ::dot:: com --picture if you took one, or your best description of the 8 (or more) pairs you mailed, or a link to a photo.

I'll be posting the total and the prize winners this weekend.

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I think I sent the picture of my 8 pair in back when I finished them -- they've been mailed off to South Dakota!
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