Sunday, October 05, 2008

And the Winners Are

Of course, the real winners are the recipients of:

1003 pairs of mittens/gloves/wristers (includes 81 pairs mailed in October)
234 hats
48 prs. booties/socks/slippers
17 sweatshirts/sweaters
1 vest
29 Scarves/neckwarmers
1 shawl/poncho

Thanks you to all who participated. That's a bunch of warm kids!

I suspect that many of my Loyal Readers (and Mittnz Makers) are anxious for me to get on with the last bit of business for the 2008 Challenge.

I quite scientifically and methodically collected all of your emails, photos, links, announcing that you made and mailed Mittnz.

Truth is, I dragged and dropped your emails to a folder I set up. If you wrote to me directly, posted to a list, or left a comment, I saved that email. If someone congratulated you on your total or in any other way indicated that she (there were no "hes" this time around) saw your post, I saved that email, too (on the off chance that I might have missed grabbing your own email).

Earlier this morning, I went through that folder and discarded duplicates (there were a few), because the Roolz said: one entry in the hat per Mittn Maker (or at least they should have, because that's the way this game is played--8 Mittnz, or 80 (yes, there were some!) it's still only one Mittn Maker).

Then I plugged the range (1-53) into

Random Integer Generator

and got this:

Here are your random numbers:

26 38 25 22
3 51 28 10

Timestamp: 2008-10-05 13:42:21 UTC

The folks whose names correspond to those numbers have been notified by email.

Here are the lovely prizes. Thanks to all who donated.

Watch this space for the names ofthe winners and the prizes chosen 'specially for them. (Because I suspect that many of us own the same knitting books, winners will be asked to "opt out" of books they already own.)

There will be another Mittn Challenge in 2009 with a goal of 9 pairs per Challenger.

Get your needles and wooly goodness ready and watch this space for the announcement.

Currently in progress: Blanket Challenge for the Reservation.


Gee, I wish we had names of the winners, numbers are so impersonal. Even if it's just first names, it would seem more real. anyway, congrats to all the winners. What an awesome accomplishment.
Hugs, DJ in SW MI
That's an impressive lot of knitting! Maybe I won't be mental next year and can contribute, but I suspect I'll still be catching up on everything I was supposed to do in the past few months.
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