Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rainy Days and Sundays

The annual Celtic Classic was a wash-out today. The creek that borders the festival grounds overflowed its banks and so, no Classic. No caber tossing, no sheepdog trials, no massed bagpipe band.

When the day dawned gray and nasty, we abandoned plans to attend, electing instead, to shop.

The parking lot where we shopped was also under water. Nearly knee-deep in spots.

But on the sunny side of things, DJ finished her mittnz and mailed them off.

Aren't the colors cheerful?

I have been tabulating the 2008 Mittnz donations as folks report in. I am amazed at the number that have been made and bought.

I believe you will be as well.

Report in: abmcmanus ::at::verizon ::dot:: net

Judy in Washington (state) sent these lovely pairs (and 7 more for a total of 15 pairs).

Look! Shadows! It's sunny in Washington.

Share, Judy, share!

On a serious note, mailing needs to happen this week in order for this "blitz" thing to work. And anyone who mails at least 8 pairs of handwarmers and reports in (with photo and total number of warm woolies mailed) will be included in a drawing for one of eight fabo prizes including books, and patterns, and woolie goodness of all sorts.

You do not want to miss out!

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