Monday, September 01, 2008

Nothing to Blog About But Mittnz

I started off the day with lots to do (purging a file drawer--DONE!) and very little to blog about.

The fair is over (except for the picking up of the stuff and the waiting for the check to arrive) and though I have plans to start my fair-knitting early for 2009, it seemed a bit too early, even for me.

So, I am sitting and knitting 4" squares in baby colors. (Pictures tomorrow, perhaps, when the ends are woven in. )

In the meantime, I thought I would update on Mittnz 2008.

These are Alina's. Simple, straight forward.

Nice and cozy.

Julie, who, living as she does in Wisconsin, (I'm pretty sure that's right) knows a bit about cold hands.

She made these (and then made some more).

Nice job, Julie. Eight kids will have warm hands, thanks to you.

And Amy announced on-blog and on-list that she was mailing hers off today. Amy gets a serious pass because she lives in Israel where it doesn't get as cold as Wisconsin, and where mail might be a bit delayed because of distance.

This is just one of Amy's pairs. They are all this cute!

Mailing of the Mittnz is scheduled for the end of this month so that they arrive in South Dakota before the snows.

I hope that these photos inspired you to get knitting (or to get to the nearest Mart or Tar-jay) so that you can mail your eight pairs by the September 30 deadline.

If you'd like to be in on the prize draw (for one of 8 fabulous fibery prizes) check the Roolz here . The only change from March is that photos should be emailed to my new address: .

Get those pictures to me, ya hear!?


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