Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Week In Review

I wish that I could say it's been a quiet week, but that would be something of a stretch.

At work, we have been painting all month (exterior first, now interior) for the first time in perhaps 15 years. It looks incredible! So clean and bright and so marred (again) with graffiti! What goes through the minds of people who get their kicks damaging other people's property?

With the fair less than a month away, I've moved into high gear on starting and finishing. My tags arrived and of 27 entries, 13 are completed and several more are well under way.

These would be the "underway" ones.

Snowman pair, other

2-piece baby set, sweater and (still deciding on hat or booties)

Some other odds and ends that are not actually "fair knitting," but that need to be completed in the near future.

Book I just finished (and have moved along to the next in the series--1949)

I have loved this little sweater since the first time I saw it on the Berroco website. It's not a freebie (at least not yet), but I bought the booklet (#274 if you are interested) and plan to make at least a couple of the sweaters before the Tiny Prince outgrows this size range.

I am using Fibranatura Baby Merino in Billy (light blue), Jason (red), and Cassandra (natural) 100% wool, superwash. The body will be all in Billy, as I'm less than crazy about the contrasting sleeves and ribbing.

This will be a fair entry.

Also still under construction, the Penny socks. Yarn was hand-painted in this colorway by Janice. The last hank known to be available is here. If you want it, get it now!

Sock is just the basic, cast on 64 and knit until you can't stand it any more. I used a 2X2 rib for an inch and a sl 1, k1 heel flap.

These are for me and for the fair. I love the way the yarn stripes!

Adult Mittnz, also for the fair, then on their way to Cheyenne River for the 2008 Mittnz Blitz. This is pair number 9 for me (or maybe 10--I've lost track).

Yarn is Gjestal Naturgarn, pattern here. These would work up well in a bulky Lopi yarn as well.

Construction is a bit unusual. I had to go back and look at the photo as I had printed off only the words. Made more sense with a picture.

And so ends another weekend. Work week looms ahead. What will this one bring?

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