Saturday, June 14, 2008


I finished Mittnz pair #9 this morning after procrastinating for days over the thumbs (or was it weeks? It might have been.)

They weren't anything special, just basic "afterthought" of a sort. What was holding me hostage was the matching of the stripes. Should I just take the next color as it came (the dark green to navy) and conserve yarn, or should I go with the burgundy tweedy bit and waste several yards X 2?

Eyes left for my solution. I think these look great.

Pattern should be evident. It's from Knit Mittens! by Robin Hansen. I used the pattern from Stop and Go Mittens (the first one in the book) modified a whole lot because the pattern calls for bulky weight yarn knit at 5 st/in on 2s and 3s.

While I recognize the need for windproofery and thickness, I also would like to live to knit another day. So I used Moda Dea Sassy Stripes, a "light" that knits up at 4.5 st/in on 3-4 mm needles (about a 2.5- 5 US size) and the 2s and 3s. I got a nice fabric and a good shape and I am happy.

These will be a fair entry in August and on to the reservation in September. There's enough left to make a hat.

And speaking of the fair, I am making some nice progress on the Penny sock (first of 2) and I'm onto the border on the Bear Claw.

I finished a dishcloth and started (and frogged twice) a potholder.

The Santa pair remain untouched since the last fair came and went without me finishing them. All the parts are there, I just need to seam and stuff. That may be a project for the coming week.

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I just realized that I made a spelling error in my comment to you a few days ago. I apologize.

Case in point: greatful, wrong. grateful.

English is my second language, German as in Suisse German is my mother tongue, High German is what we spoke in School, French and Italien we learned along the way and promptly forgot over the years. Those are the languages used in Switzerland. just sayin.........Rita
Nice job on the twins Ann! They look fantastic and I am sure someone will love them this winter.
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