Saturday, June 07, 2008

They Didn't Stop

While I was away, the Overachievers continued their battle for world Mittn Domination. I figure, let 'em fight it out!

Meanwhile, quietly in the background, folks knittrz like Emily G are making sweet little Mittnz like the ones shown here. Way to go, Emily!

Your name is in the hat for the prize draw to be held in October.

And speaking of. . .

Yours truly (that would be me) has finished 8 pairs (6 of mittnz, 2 of mitts) herself. And well ahead of deadline, which is a good thing, as the fair looms.

Labor Day comes early this year, so the Fair does as well. That means that I have a week less than usual to get my act together. (Would anyone care to jump in and remind me that there are about 52 weeks between Fairs, no matter when Labor Day falls? Just like Christmas.)

Pair # 9 (the ones over there on the corner of the desk without the thumbs) and a matching hat will be an entry. A Ship Support hat that I posted earlier, the Bear Claw blankie, the Pi blankie, and the pair o' Santas that have been in the works for freakin' ever will also be up for judging.

I need to sit with the premium book and some patterns and get serious and identify yarn from the stash and order yarn from some of my favorite pushers. (Oh, that will be such a trial.)

The rules changed this year and there is no longer a limit on the number of entries (though it's still one per category). I suspect this may be in response to dwindling interest in "home arts" all around.

I will be knitting my fingers to the nubs over the next several weeks. Watch for updates.

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Hi Ann,

Thank you for the tip about yarn sales. I am ordering the Plymouth Dk , the price is great and that is nice yarn for baby things. I signed up now for the e-mail reminder about future sales. The mittens are great, you are very successful with that. I just fin ished the prayer shawl and now I take a break for my hands with a little cute facecloth from Barbara Collins. It is different needles size and yarn so that will help.One more thing Ann,
on your blog where you talk about "ME" you say you try to be better, but it is not working. That just is not true. You are a fine Lady, the biggest heart around that I know, you share so much with us, the patterns your life, the knitting you do, my God, no-one could ask for more. I am very greatful for having your Blog to read everyday. Thank you very much.
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