Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pieces of Eight

June let me know that she has finished the compsulsory segment of Mittnz 2008 with these 8 pairs of brightly colored loomed and knitted Mittnz! (See, there's more than one way to skin a cat--assuming that you'd want to do that!)

She is planning to make more, and like you, has at least 18 weeks to churn them out.

Whadda ya say? Can you get on the bandwagon. Little kids are counting on you!


Ann, I don't know how to reach you other than by posting a comment - sorry! I've looked at the Rulz posted in March, and I can't find anything about size of kids to be mittened. Grade school? High school? all of the above? I'm having mitten withdrawal from having knitted so much baby stuff for Afghans for Afghans - I'm making a cuff right now, and just need to know how long to make the mittens!
Barbara in California
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