Thursday, May 08, 2008

More and More Mittnz

Kathy F finished 8 pairs, and then, for good measure, she made 3 more.

So, with 11 (edited to add) more pairs on top of the 21 she already reported, Kathy is a really strong member of the Overachievers R Us Club.

In case you were getting any ideas about starting an Underachievers group, you can just forget it right now! There are still more than 19 Knittn Weeks left until Mailn Week.

If you make 1 Mittn a week, you still can finish 8 pairs (that's 16 Mittnz).

So, get inspired and get knittn.

That is all.


I never even thought of 1 mittin a week! I have made 2 mittinz so far. I may be an "achiever" this year yet!
Ummm, actually I've made 32 pr of mittenz. You had already posted a pic.Kathy
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