Thursday, April 17, 2008

There was a little excitement in the 'hood this afternoon!

I heard a lot of sirens and then looked out the window to see that what had started as a beautiful, clear, Blue Sky Day had turned gray and ugly!

But no, wait! Those aren't rain clouds on the horizon!

See that little patch of orange in the middle of the photo left? That's flames! Big honkin' flames! about a block or so away from Casa Sheepie!

Seems the neighbors heard an "explosion" in the garage, and next thing they knew, well, the house and the car in the driveway were engulfed.

I'm pretty sure that someone will say, "kids playing with matches," but I doubt that it will be the Fire Marshal.

Stay tuned.

Mariella joins the Overchievers R Us club with her 18 pairs of wristers. Normally, that wouldn't be "enough" for membership, but these follow on the heels of 8 pairs of Mittnz.

Patterns on her blog, I believe (or coming soon) for the sideways wristers.

Join the club! Send your photos!

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Scary to have a fire in your own neighborhood! Had one in ours a few weeks ago (7a.m.), and three young adults died--room over the garage, and they couldn't get out! Horrendous fire; torched the entire house, almost literally to the ground. Heart-rending...
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