Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It Might Be a Boy

First "photos" are in of the newest branch of the Tiny Prince's family tree. S/he's a wee bit shy, so we don't know for sure yet if she's a he or vice versa.

So I will continue to knit (moose) lace and know that I will have a spectacular entry for the fair at the very least. And a lovely gift if the vices don't versa. Or something. (And I have something in mind in case she turns out to be a he. It looks a lot like one of my guilty UFOs!)

Newest member of Overachievers R Us, Kathy F, sent this picture of her completed mitts and mittnz.

And her cat (lord, please let it be a cat), Steve. (That is a catly looking foot and nose, isn't it?)

I love the colors. And the variety.

They're going to keep a lot of hands warm this winter.

Yes, I voted. I was 191 in my precinct. At 3:30 this afternoon. And there are 1000+ registered voters in my precinct. I am so ashamed of the rest of them!

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When is the new baby due? They are going to be pretty close, eh?
What's wrong with voting after work?

I had to vote in the New York primary before work (because I had evening plans) and we had to leave the house without breakfast or coffee to get there in time to vote and get to work on time. Only to find out that my husband and I had voted for different candidates, thereby canceling each others vote out. Before I'd had my coffee.

Voting after work is definitely the way to go. It's not like evening votes get counted for less.
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