Sunday, March 09, 2008

Monty, We Hardly Knew Ye

That would be Himself on the left (Belle on the right). The Younger Kid signed up to foster for Peaceable Kingdom. Monty was (as you can see from the photo) not a puppy. Rather, he was an elderly gentledog of the highest order.

He lived with the Younger Kid (and Belle and Raven) for about a week before he crossed the Bridge.

Better in a house than in a cage!

And wasn't it a great Caterday once the rain stopped?

Can we have Caterday every day, please?

Just a simple request.

Knitting stuff tomorrow.

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I'm glad to know that Monty got at least one week of a soft bed and (I presume) lots of love, before he passed over. He looks like he was a sweetheart.

Oh, and we love Caterday around here, plus we extend it into the next day with "Funday." Makes the looming Monday a bit easier to take.
Poor Monty. :-( It's a fine thing that his final week was spent in comfort and with love. Still, it makes me so sad when these little guys go.
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