Sunday, December 16, 2007

Putting Some Color In My Life

After days of beige, I really needed something bright and cheerful. I also have a debt to repay to all the wonderful Children In Common knitters who contributed to the Mittnz Challenge for Cheyenne River Reservation this summer. I promised 2 pairs of socks for their current challenge --little bitty socks, toddler size. I can do this!

So, this morning, I cast on.

A Cottage Creations Wisconsin Winter Sock in the smallest size (a 4 year) with Lopi-type (instead of the worsted weight+ fingering called for in the pattern).

Did I get gauge?

I did not!

That sock would have housed a woodchuck family!

And so, I frogged.

And tried again, this time, the Iowa Crew Sock (same designer, different sock) in a worsted weight, handpainted looking yarn (think Kittyville, in a different colorway).

Hot damn! I finished the pair in one day.

One down, one to go.

I may use the same pattern again. I might even use the same yarn.

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