Thursday, May 17, 2007

Quick Answers About Mittnz

My very good friend Rabbitch kindly linked to me the other day, boosting my hits to way more than I would have gotten otherwise. (She also has a pretty cool retail thing going. Hop on over and look, then come back. )

Of course, all of that attention generated some Questions That Need Answering. I promise I'll post all of the Challenge Rules this weekend.

Sandy asked:Ann, do you knit with the 5" dpn's? Thinking the shorter ones might be just the ticket for "baby bootie/sock" knitting.

That's exactly right, Sandy. The 5" needles are great for socks, booties, and Mittnz. They don't get in the way. I have then in 1s through about 6s.

Dorothy asked: 7 or 8 pairs of mittens for children? Babies and children? Teens too or just little children? Do I ask enough questions? :)

Seven pairs (because it's 2007 this year). Babies, children, teens, adults. Anyone who is likely to have cold hands! Plain or fancy. Just the right number of questions. Thanks for asking.

Angie asked: Wait, 7 or 8 pairs is your personal challenge and you are extending the invitation to the rest of us, right? I will help with the mittens - Wool for warmth.

Seven pairs is my personal challenge because 1) hands are cold and 2) I need the practice. I've invited you all along for the ride. Wool (or any other animal hair) is best, blends are okay. Acrylic is acceptable, but not nearly as warm as the others.

Up top there is the cuff of the first mittn of my second pair. Lopi-type wool on size 9s. Pattern from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd. Pick a garment, pick a gauge, pick a size, and Ann will give you what you need to make it just right.

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I'm in! Got some worsted weight wool that needs a home.
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