Sunday, May 20, 2007


Houston, we have a Mittn! First Lopi Mittn is finished. Second one is (barely) cast on

That means that I have completed 21.428571% of my personal Mittnz Challenge. I'm on a roll!

The next pairs (after I finish this one) will be from Alafoss Lopi No. 12, first a child pair, then an adult pair. These will be for the fair, first, then for the Reservation.

If I'm going to torture myself making mittens, I'm going to make them warm.

And Speaking of Rolls: I completed another repeat on the Heart Blankie. That leaves 120 rows (41.66666666%) left to knit.

Movie Review: We rented Stranger than Fiction on Friday. If you've been avoiding it because it stars Will Ferrell, or because the trailer is so stupid, avoid it no more! (If you are like me and suspect that a movie trailer contains every single good line and funny joke, this one's the exception that proves the rule. Emma Thompson is terrific as the narator/author. Dustin Hoffman has a great role.

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