Thursday, May 24, 2007

In My Spare Time

It's actually spring (finally) and am attempting to spend a little time whipping the flower beds into some sort of order. Frankly, 15 minutes at a time is about all I can manage.

That leaves a bit of time for knitting and true to my word, I am working on the Mittnz Challenge.

Mittnz of all sizes are needed, from the tiny thumbless kind for little bitty babies, right on up through great big ones for great big teens and adults.

This pair is Lopi-like wool in what I would call about a 3rd grader size.

It's my second pair. Five more to go.

How Mittnz 2007 Werx: We're "blitzing the reservation" (Cheyenne River) with mittnz. Any size, any color, just like last year. Wool and other animal fibers are the fiber of choice, but blends and the dreaded ack are also acceptable. Seven pairs is the goal.

Because it's a blitz, I am aiming to mail (and have YOU mail) directly to the reservation in September (to arrive by October 1).

This is new. Last year's participants will remember that mittnz were mailed to me then forwarded to South Dakota. Postal rates being what they are, it seemed to make more sense to cut out the middle "man" (me).

Instead, if you'd like to be included in a random draw for fabulous prizes, send me a picture (I'll post it here) of your 7 pairs of mittnz. I'll trust that you mailed your mittnz to the reservation.

Are you in?

Get knittn!

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do they HAVE to be knit? i crochet mittens as well.
I'm intending on doing my best, just haven't started on the mittnz yet...just finished with Dulaan, and knitting myself a pair of socks which will be the first thing I've knit for myself in oh... about a year!
Great looking mittnz! I/m not sure I can play this year, but I'll try. I think you're wise to have us mail directly to the rez.
I'm working pair six. I plan to make 10 pair for Cheyenne River. I want to get these done before it gets too hot to play with wool. Jennifer in Oak Park
Ann, I participated in the mitten challenge last year and I'm in agan this year. I'll let you know when I finish them.
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