Monday, May 28, 2007

End of the Weekend

There's a Finished Object to report!

The yellow Heart Blankie is finished! (Except for blocking

The vital stats: Pattern by Beverly Galeskas (Fiber Trends). My copy is included in Knit Baby Blankets! edited by Gwen Steege. It's also available as a FT leaflet.

Yarn is Plymouth Encore (acrylic/wool blend) worsted weight col. 1382. (I'd call it Marigold.) I used size 10 needles with the worsted weight and the "small" pattern to get a 34" X 48" (about) finished size and a nice drapey fabric. (The pattern calls for DK weight cotton and size 7s.)

Here's a close up of the hearts. The background is garter stitch. The hearts are stockinette set off with an eyelet outline.

Start to finish in 29 days with other projects also On The Needles at the same time.

I also managed to get most of my annuals in the ground, worked a little on a mittn, and actually knat upon the "knitted quilt."

Jean reported finishing her 7+ pairs for the Mittnz Challenge. Here's the photo she sent.

I'm inspired! Are you?.

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Either they changed math or that's nine. Darn these overachievers! (and they look great)
ooooo Your blankey is just too cute. Great job as always.
I love the Heart Blankie! That's a winner if I ever saw one! Those fair judges will have to look that one over for sure!
The blankie, she's a beauty! and yes, I am very inspired with the mittnz! Does Jean have a blog?
Love the blanket! And the mittnz are definitely inspiring. But since I flaked out last year and only finished four pairs (pairz?), I hesitate to make a commitment for this year. I'm keeping it in mind, though!
Beautiful blanket and in just 29 days! It would have taken me months!
I *love* the blanket.
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