Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Bubby ain't all that cute!

I tried to love him. I'm not even sure I like him. He just isn't growing on me at all!

He was supposed to be a fair entry, Toy, knitted, but right now, he's in the time-out box with the baby socks I keep for giving when I don't get a lot of notice that I need a little baby gift.

There's another box that holds the fair entries.

There's a washcloth in that box. It's all by itself.


Waiting for a Toy, knit.

I also use up the last of the Lion Bouclé. Thanks be to the FSM it's all gone! Pretty as it is, it's nasty to work with.

Two hats. Knit in the round. Gauge is about 2.5 st/in. Cast on 40 (raspberry) or 50 (blue lime). Join and knit in the round until you've made it high enough, or you nearly run out of yarn. Make 1 round of K 2 tog, yo, then at least 1 more round k around. Bind off. Thread a ribbon or i-cord or strand of crocheted chain through the eyelets.

Put it in the box for Dulaan. Make another. And another. Until you run out of Pretty But Nasty To Knit yarn

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I could send you MORE "pretty but nasty to knit" yarn if you'd like, because I found a few skeins at my Dollar Tree, too!
what is FSM? i've seen it all over the place, but no clue what he/she/it is!
Ann, maybe Bubby needs some bright colorful clothes (like one of your fabulous sweaters) to increase the "cuteness factor"? I'm thinking about a doll my grandmother made when I was little, which came complete with an 1880's dress, apron, slip, pantaloons, and a work basket which held two little balls of yarns and some "knitting" on two head pins. And maybe his eyes should be a brighter color? Just a thought . . .
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