Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Norma Said

I was whining over on Rabbitch's blog about how nobody every finds this space by Googling on weird phrases (like bunnie poop, poems about) and other equally exotic topics. Norma piped up to say that clearly, I was not engaging the right audience (okay, that's not exactly what she said--she said I need to cuss more) but dudes, several people who think I'm reasonably sane read this blog--for the knitting content, not the cussing. Really! (And I see them at work most days, too.)

For them that's here for the knitting, here's some knitting content.

This is how the Tomten looked before dinner tonight. (I've added a few rows since I took this shot).

If I can manage to get some work done on the taxes (federal, state, local) before it gets too late (in the evening, not in the filing season) tomorrow night I can probably get the rest of the way to the wrist and be ready to start the trim.

Question, though: Is this girl-side (big, white, with flowers painted on buttons ), or boy-side (white bears with blue polka dots and red bowties buttons)?

Decisions, decisions!

And something in the way of car knitting.

For Rita (and for clarity): Cast on 200. place a marker between stitch 100 and stitch 101. On each right side row, knit 2 together on each side of the marker (2 decreases every other row, in other words). This will form a square with a diagonal of decreases. (Check the 4/10/05 archived entry for a photo of a finished one.)

I'll be using 3 colors of Lion Brand Boucle on this one.

Next Project?

Note: This one's for the fair.

I've decided that I would like something in the way of a shawl for myself in a relatively plain-stitch. I'm thinking top down would be good. Something like the one shown on 9/30/06, but in real hair of the mo.

I'm planning to let the yarn speak to me for itself.

Choices are (eyes left, please) Artful Yarns Portrait (colorway: Weeping Woman) which is an incredibly yummy (70 mo/ 25 viscose / 5 polyester) with wonderfully deep and rich colors that I would use with assorted vintage and newer mo d'stashes from Louet (turquoise, purple, mauve, etc.) and some unlabeled stuff that is just, well, better than sex chocolate.

The other choice I will admit that I originally though might become Charlotte's Web (JFIGI--the shawl, not the book!) and then thought better of it.

It's Plymouth Outback Mohair (70 mo/ 26 wool/ 4 nylon).I have 4 colorways stashed that range through the purples and teals.

This stuff is also incredible. The colors are much more subdued.

And so, I must decide. Do I wish to be garish and loud, or more ladylike?

Cat is shown strictly for scale. She has no interest whatever in mohair.

Now, for those who are here strictly for trash talking and cussing:

What in the holy hell is going on with our (US) government?

Have I heard correctly that the Executive Branch (which chose first to stack the Judicial Branch, then to gut it) is now telling the Legislative Branch (that is questioning these moves) that its questioning constitutes a breach of the Separation of Powers? Checks and Balances. Did they sleep through that lecture?

And at what point did the Attorney General stop being the top lawyer for the citizens and become the President's personal barrister? You're doing a heck of a job, Al.

Is someone sniffing the rubber cement?

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While I agree with you about the government piece, I think you needed to add some words like "ass" and "sh#@ for brains" to get the interesting searches that Rabbitch gets. Just saying ...

How many skeins of the Boucle do you think you'll need to get what size blanket, by the way?
If it isn't stupid Penna. politics, then it's stupid DC politics.

Which color yarn goes with most of your clothes you'd wear it with -- that would be my qualifier for the shawl. And, if you tell me your clothes are all neutrals (white, black, gray --- I think you wrote that not too long ago), then I'd go with the yarn that spoke to me the loudest!

Happy Spring!!!!
Thank you Ann, for the clarification about the "blankie."

I can't wait to get started. You are such a loving person, always making the cutest things for little children and babies. Bless your heart. Rita
1. Flower buttons. And in Mongolia I don't think they're going to worry much about girl side vs boy side.
2. Garish
3. If I start to talk about politics, you'll get some VERY interesting search strings. . .
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