Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday Sweater Vest

Yes, I know it's Monday. I did that work thing today.

Sunday Sweater Vest (named thus because that’s when and how long I knat upon it)

Toddler size 2/4--24" chest

Materials: 3 balls of Lion Brand Bouclé (57 yards/52 meters to 2.5 oz./70g--79% acrylic/20% mohair/1% nylon). Pattern uses only a small part of the third ball. Substitute any nubby yarn that knits at the same gauge.
16" circular size 8
24" circular size 11
crochet hook size J/10 (6 mm)

Gauge: 3 stitches/1"

With size 8 16" needle, cast on 70 stitches. Join, rib for 4 rounds (about 1").

Switch to size 11 24" circular and knit for 7.5". On last round place 2 markers, 35 stitches apart.

Next round, beginning 2 stitches before each marker, bind off 4 stitches for underarm. (2 sets of 31 stitches remain separated by 4 bound off stitches.)

Back: Working only on one set of 31 stitches between the bound off stitches, work back and forth (k 1 row, p 1 row). Bind off 2 stitches at the beginning of each of the next 2 rows. (27 stitches remain in this section).

Knit until back above first set of bound off stitches is 6.25", ending on RS row.

Next row (WS) Purl across 8 stitches, Bind off next 11 stitches. Purl across 8 stitches. Place the open stitches on holders (a spare circular needle or 2 pieces of yarn.

Front (left side as sweater is worn): Join yarn at armhole. Bind off two stitches at the beginning of this and next row.

Next row (RS): Knit 11, knit 2 together. Place next stitch on a holder (safety pin). Turn and knit back. Decrease at neck side of front on right side, 4 more times. Knit remaining 8 stitches even until armhole length is same as back.

Turn piece inside out and execute 3-needle bind off on these 16 (8 pairs of) stitches.

Front (right side as worn): join yarn at center front, knitting first 2 stitches together. Repeat decreases at beginning of right side row 4 more times. Continue knitting the remaining 8 stitches as for left side until front and back armholes are the same length. Use three needle bind-off to join front and back as for left side.

Armhole and neck edges: With crochet hook, and right side facing, work single crochet loosely around armholes, beginning and ending at back edge of underarm. Beginning and ending at left shoulder work single crochet around neck edge, picking up the center front stitch.

Weave in ends.

© Ann McManus 2007


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